For more than two decades Rudi Backart has been creating award-winning branding and marketing in a variety of media to connect with people and deliver results. Rudi’s client list is large and diverse with a broad range of corporate cultures including Fortune 500 companies, financial organizations, international wineries and individual entrepreneurs — all of whom share an appreciation for a creative firm that’s small by design but large in scope.



Rudi received her MFA in painting at Western Michigan University and studied painting and sculpture in Positano, Italy. Her recent work has progressed to large oil and wax paintings on linen that are bold and rich with layers of color that shift magically in their environment. Her work has been collected locally, nationally and internationally.

After 26 years in Chicago, Rudi now lives, works and paints in Corrales, New Mexico, with her husband, two British Shorthairs and three talented Quarter Horses.